Photos by Farrah Skeiky and Nina Fry

Justine Swindell illustrates and paints a world where her subjects are surviving and thriving in unexpected places, but for her, survival is also personal. Justine was born with a hole in her heart, and while she physically healed from her life-saving surgery she lives with an innate reminder, that life is precious, that it is ok to be broken, and that hope is one of the most powerful emotions someone can feel.  Using her imagination, colorful organic shapes, and gritty textures, her art creates an oasis for hope in the midst of chaos.
Justine was raised in Washington D.C. in the 1980s and 90s by a family of artists that taught her how to draw and paint at a young age. During these years she soaked in street art and world renowned paintings in museums that influence her taste to this day. In college she studied Graphic Design and Business Management introducing her to digital art tools and a broader creative community. Her career started out in commercial post-production and graphic design, however inspired by her formative experiences she obtained a M.A. in Sociology and dedicated over a decade to improving social and health outcomes of vulnerable populations.
Today she pours her life experience and training into her illustrations, paintings and public art projects. Creating her own lane as an artist while helping people, brands and authors tell their stories (especially those whose stories are not often seen or heard) has brought her passion and purpose together in ways she never expected.

District Fray Magazine

"Justine was a delight to work with. She brought lots of generative energy to the project while also managing to remain focused on the illustration brief at hand. Art chops aside, her organization and delivery were top notch." 
- Margaret Williams,  Wildsam Brand Director
Select Clients: 
AARP , ACLU , Conde Nast, Miller Lite , Washington City Paper, Wild Sam , Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, Scissors & Comb, Booz Allen Hamilton, Pathways Magazine, Bishops Cuts/Color, Line Hotel, 
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